Chiliz news April; Rakuten Europe is collaborating with blockchain company Chiliz on Fan Tokens

Fintech blockchain company Chiliz, makers of Fan Tokens and the fan engagement platform today announced a partnership with Rakuten Europe.

Through this partnership, Rakuten customers in Spain, the UK and Germany will be able to use Rakuten points to redeem Fan Tokens – collectible, tradable digital assets that offer owners benefits including voting rights, VIP rewards, club & sponsor promotions, AR- enabled features and super-fan recognition at Crypto Italy is popular.

Rakuten has continuously expanded its presence in Europe and today offers consumers across the region a variety of services including shopping, communications and digital content – available through, and At the heart of this diverse portfolio are Rakuten Points, which connect Rakuten’s services with retail and experience partnerships, as well as global brands. Members can earn points on their daily purchases and redeem them in a variety of ways – including movies, gift cards, e-books and more.

Rakuten strives to continuously add more depth to the service, improved perks and additional partners and now offers Fan Tokens for FC Barcelona ($ BAR), Paris Saint-Germain ($ PSG), Juventus ($ JUV), Atlético de Madrid ($ ATM), AS Roma ($ ASR), Galatasaray ($ GAL) and AC Milan ($ ACM) as part of its ecosystem. FC Barcelona is also a Main Global Partner of Rakuten.

Chiliz crypto tokens

More Fan Tokens from Chiliz 24 partners, including Manchester City, will be added to the offering and the partnership will expand to additional markets in Europe and worldwide in the future.

Chiliz and Rakuten will also explore further integrations, with a view to creating a global space where Rakuten and users can freely interface with both platforms. Chiliz will also partner with the Rakuten blockchain lab, where Rakuten will become an official node validator for the Chiliz $ CHZ blockchain. Website for Crypto Spain is popular.

The digital collectibles market is booming right now. CoinMarketCap, the world’s most referenced digital asset price tracking website, has created a dedicated page for Fan Tokens struck on the Chiliz blockchain. The total Fan Token market cap recently exceeded $ 400M. The Chiliz course expectations for the future can also be called extremely positive

Chiliz $ CHZ is a leading crypto-unicorn ecosystem with 100+ employees worldwide. The company has major global expansion plans for 2021 and will expand their existing presence in Europe while targeting many more Fan Token launches in the UK, Asia and South America. Chiliz announced a $ 50M expansion to the US in early March to target launches with the 5 major US sports leagues. Chiliz has multiple office locations around the world and will open new European and US headquarters in Madrid and New York in 2021.

Cédric Dufour, Managing Director Open E-Commerce for Rakuten Europe said, “Our goal is to create an innovative, customer-centric membership program that is unique in the region. The key to this is the right mix of great value, unique offers and consumer exclusive features.

Thanks to the partnership with Chiliz Expectations and, we are now the only loyalty program that integrates the ability to exchange points for tokens – a huge benefit for Rakuten customers and a big step to turn our diversity into a game changing force in the industry. to make.”

Rakuten & Chiliz partnership

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and said: “Rakuten is a global fintech and online commerce powerhouse and we are very excited about the tremendous potential that this new partnership offers us.

“We have begun adding seven Fan Tokens from some of the largest sports brands in the world to the Rakuten open e-commerce ecosystem.

“I look forward to seeing this innovative partnership evolve as we add more Fan Tokens and explore deeper end-to-end integrations with Rakuten, boosting our mission to build a multi-billion dollar digital sports ecosystem.”

Are you going to Antwerp or Brussels? Pay parking with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin

Seety, a Belgium-based digital parking startup, is now accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrency for parking tickets.

Bitcoin for everyday things

According to an article by DataNews, it has been possible to pay with the crypto payment function in Antwerp and Brussels since last Thursday. has enough information. Seety is part of start-up accelerator Start it @ KBC, and expects cryptocurrencies to become more environmentally friendly in due course, meaning they will increasingly be used to pay for everyday goods and services.

In addition to Bitcoin, customers can also use crypto such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, as well as stablecoins such as Dai and USD Coin. In that regard, it is strange to settle a euro amount with a dollar stablecoin in Belgium.

No extra costs for customer

Customers looking to use crypto to pay for parking will use the coins to purchase Seety credits on the company’s app platform. According to the article, the use of crypto will not incur any additional costs for the customer. The Seety app reportedly has more than 355,000 users in Belgium and the Netherlands and aims for an annual turnover of more than 2 million euros by 2022.

For the company, using crypto to pay for parking is an indication of how cryptocurrencies will eventually become more accepted in everyday microtransactions. The use of Bitcoin to pay for parking tickets has actually been possible since 2014, which was regulated at the time by the defunct Brawker app.

Prices are still moving too much

There are only a few people who pay everything directly with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, because the prices are still too volatile. crypto has enough information. The receiving party in particular runs a lot of risk with this. That is why many interim solutions have been devised, where the buyer pays with crypto, but the recipient receives euros.

This is possible with credit cards from crypto companies, they work together with, for example, Visa. The user’s wallet then guarantees the spending via the credit card. The selling party then receives euros or dollars and the paying party sees the balance of his crypto wallet shrink.

Dogecoin, ethereum or the guilder: there are plenty of alternatives to bitcoin, this is what they mean

In addition to bitcoin, there are now thousands of other cryptocurrencies whose creators and buyers hope to become rich one day. But the chance of disappointment is greater than the chance of success. Welcome to the cryptocurrency market. Holo coin is well known in crypto.

Mirjam van Zelst

There is no trade as wild as that in cryptocurrencies. Yes, you can make money with it, but you can also lose it just as quickly. The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets therefore warns against the risks of investing in virtual currencies. Because what are you actually buying? Governments do not recognize them as a means of payment and no one is obliged to accept your digital coins. There is also little supervision, although since May 2020 all crypto parties must apply for registration with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) in order to be able to offer their services in the Netherlands. Waves crypto is well known in crypto.

Meyade Curfs (26), crypto entrepreneur and founder of, acknowledges the risks. “Crypto coins have an unpredictable price value, especially the smaller start-ups. You should never follow the herd and step in when a coin is hype. You also need to spread your risk. In addition, the internet platform or your wallet, your wallet, can be hacked, and then you lose your money. And if you lose your digital key, no one can help you.”

What are the most prevalent functions of the use of a virtual private network?

The 3 primary functions of a VPN are:

  1. Anonymize. Protect your privacy, make you confidential.
  2. Secure. Make your transfers, your surfing safe. No one can see your activities.
  3. Free. Get back to a free and neutral Internet. No more DNS blocks, filters, censors, graphical restrictions.

DoubleVPN (Cascade VPN – MultiHop) is a tool that fits into the first two categories.

  1. It anonymizes because multiple IPs are used between the vocircuit and the Web
  2. It anonymizes because there is encryption overlay between each server used.

For us the Double VPN is clearly an anonymization tool. The encryption of a single server is déjà largely sufficient. Nobody can encrypt 256-bit AES on the fly. If you want double encryption it is better to use SSL Tunneling or SSH of AirVPN.

DoubleVPN should definitely be used in conjunction with a NO LOGS VPN that has been paid for with a BTC-like cryptocurrency. It is useless otherwise. The IP and data outside (payment info, email) to the VPN are the main things to anonymize with the billig VPN @ Sverige.

What is a Dual VPN?

Double VPN (we can also talk about VPN à double jump – Cascade VPN – MultiHop) is a technique that consists of doubling (see more) the number of servers (and therefore encryption) between you and your activities. There is in a way double anonymization and double encryption.

The VPN server chain looks like this

Your computer; VPN Server 1> VPN Server 2> Internet

You can also opt for a VPN that offers the MultiHOP VPN so more than 2 servers.

The advantage of DoubleVPN is to counter a listening attacker. These are people looking to track your FA.I IP while you are connected or looking to exploit your login server. It is mainly the search for your FA.I IP that is coveted. With a Double VPN you have an additional protection because it is difficult to exploit one server but 2 or 3!

The major inconvenience is the loss of speed. The more servers you put in the less you êtres traçables live but you increase your speed loss with Surfshark review.

What are the top 5 dual VPN providers?


NordVPN is our recommended VPN provider;. This is justified by the presence of this DoubleVPN option. For us the DoubleVPN is a tool that prevents the tracking of your IP FA.I. The DoubleVPN is therefore one of many anonymization tools. Using it alone without having first purchased Surfshark in Ukraine is useless.


NordVPN is located in Panama, a country with no data retention policy. NordVPN is therefore NO LOG. This privacy policy will ensure that even when operating the servers where you pass there will be nothing because the Logs are erased (NordVPN has conducted an internal audit on its policy of not keeping an activity log).

NordVPN offers 7 pre-configured DoubleVPNs:

  1. Canada – United States
  2. France – United Kingdom
  3. Netherlands – United Kingdom
  4. Sweden – Netherlands
  5. Switzerland – Sweden
  6. United Kingdom – Netherlands
  7. United States – Canada

Online Clothes Stores Can Save You Bundles of Money

At the point when you choose to purchase the garments you need on the web, you should initially do your examination and afterward do some correlation shopping. There are a great deal of deals that can be discovered on the web. Everybody appears to rush to the deals when the bigger public retail establishments are offering a reasonable womens dress deal, when there are other online garments store that sell similar definite things at a lot less expensive costs, considerably less expensive than the web specials. You not just get a good deal on what you purchase, however there is likewise the investment funds in gas not utilized in light of the fact that you shopped from home and didnt need to head to the shopping center.

The entirety of your #1 inventories that you get via the post office will be the best instrument to help you discover the garments you are searching for on the web. Glance through them and locate the particular things you need to purchase, however you dont need to address the costs that they are inquiring. Next you can do a pursuit online by utilizing the specific data given in the index for the garments you need. Obviously this will present to you the significant retail establishments, however require a couple of moments to look past them and look at the little liquidation sites. Despite the fact that they are not extravagant and ostentatious, they do have a ton to bring to the table. They can save you many dollars in your apparel buy. You can discover popular womens garments or rebate childrens garments at strangely low costs on the off chance that you set aside the effort to simply search for them.

Little online stores presumably dont have the expert pictures that the large retail establishments have or the extravagant blazing pictures or all the hype that typically accompanies those destinations. However, this is the motivation behind why they can offer you a similar careful fresh out of the plastic new garments at an unbelievable low cost. These little shops dont have the costly overhead that the large folks need to pay to have these extravagances on their site that you pay for when you purchase from them, accordingly they can pass the reserve funds onto you. So set aside the effort to peruse their site and see what they have to bring to the table you. I promise you will be content with what you find. Dont let the expert pictures, ostentatious ads and enormity of the large folks sites make you think they have the better arrangements. They dont. They utilize this hubbub to grab your attention and stunt you into imagining that path when truth be told you should simply look past the entirety of this and see that there are different spots you can get the garments you need however at a vastly improved cost.

In the event that you are a man or ladies shopping on the web, there are a lot of arrangements to be found. Regardless of whether you are hoping to purchase womens jeans or attempting to discover markdown mens garments, there are shops online that can save you colossal measures of cash by offering you precisely what you need yet at a greatly improved cost than the enormous folks.

At last, one more advantage to purchasing at little online garments stores is you can undoubtedly speak with them through email and phone. The best thing about this is that you won’t need to manage phone salespeople attempting to sell you more than what you are calling about. The little online garments stores will be happy to address the inquiries you have and furthermore they will have the option to inform you as to whether they have an alternate size or shading in stock that they have not had the option to put on the web yet. The significant retail chains have a wide range of PCs and work force to do this for them, yet it takes effort for the little shops to list their stock in their online garments store.

The Advantages of Opening an Online Clothing Store

As the lease of the stores in business regions is getting ever more elevated, the expense of opening one in business places is additionally expanding. Meanwhile, customary garments stores need to start a wide range of limited time exercises to draw in purchasers to get by in the serious market. Confronting the present circumstance, numerous individuals begin to consider opening their web based attire business to bring down the expense and increment the benefit. The benefits of opening web based dress business are recorded as follows:

In the first place, the proprietor could altogether bring down the expense without paying any lease. This measure of cash could be utilized to improve the web based apparel store and make it more alluring. The proprietor doesn’t have to enlist colleagues or representatives to watch the store and what the proprietor needs to do is to check if there are any requests. Furthermore, online store doesn’t produce cost like water expenses and the board charges. Not at all like the proprietor of customary store who needs to surrender their own daily routine by experiencing in the store to guarantee the typical running of the business, web based attire entrepreneur could deal with the online store well while appreciating a comfortable life.

Second, internet garments store works all the more deftly. The proprietor could work both all day and low maintenance. For housewife who endeavors to accomplish monetary autonomy, online store is an extraordinary thought since it empowers her to bring in cash and in a similar time deal with the family.The proprietor could guarantee the typical running of the store as long as the individual in question reacts to the requests of the purchasers as expected. Online store doesn’t have to experience a progression of confounded enlistment methods and the storekeeper doesn’t require a lot of stock to open the store.

Third, internet apparel store won’t be limited by components like store area or store opening times. However long the worker is working, the store could run 24 hours every day and 365 days per year. Customary stores for the most part run eight to twelve hours per day and are bound to open to precarious impacts like terrible climate and crises.

Fourth, internet apparel store faces a lot bigger number of likely purchasers than customary dress store. Up to an individual uses web, the person in question could be an expected purchaser. The business execution of the store could increment drastically as long as the store is running legitimately and the cost of the items in the store is sensible.