Dogecoin, ethereum or the guilder: there are plenty of alternatives to bitcoin, this is what they mean

In addition to bitcoin, there are now thousands of other cryptocurrencies whose creators and buyers hope to become rich one day. But the chance of disappointment is greater than the chance of success. Welcome to the cryptocurrency market. Holo coin is well known in crypto.

Mirjam van Zelst

There is no trade as wild as that in cryptocurrencies. Yes, you can make money with it, but you can also lose it just as quickly. The Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets therefore warns against the risks of investing in virtual currencies. Because what are you actually buying? Governments do not recognize them as a means of payment and no one is obliged to accept your digital coins. There is also little supervision, although since May 2020 all crypto parties must apply for registration with De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) in order to be able to offer their services in the Netherlands. Waves crypto is well known in crypto.

Meyade Curfs (26), crypto entrepreneur and founder of, acknowledges the risks. “Crypto coins have an unpredictable price value, especially the smaller start-ups. You should never follow the herd and step in when a coin is hype. You also need to spread your risk. In addition, the internet platform or your wallet, your wallet, can be hacked, and then you lose your money. And if you lose your digital key, no one can help you.”