What are the most prevalent functions of the use of a virtual private network?

The 3 primary functions of a VPN are:

  1. Anonymize. Protect your privacy, make you confidential.
  2. Secure. Make your transfers, your surfing safe. No one can see your activities.
  3. Free. Get back to a free and neutral Internet. No more DNS blocks, filters, censors, graphical restrictions.

DoubleVPN (Cascade VPN – MultiHop) is a tool that fits into the first two categories.

  1. It anonymizes because multiple IPs are used between the vocircuit and the Web
  2. It anonymizes because there is encryption overlay between each server used.

For us the Double VPN is clearly an anonymization tool. The encryption of a single server is déjà largely sufficient. Nobody can encrypt 256-bit AES on the fly. If you want double encryption it is better to use SSL Tunneling or SSH of AirVPN.

DoubleVPN should definitely be used in conjunction with a NO LOGS VPN that has been paid for with a BTC-like cryptocurrency. It is useless otherwise. The IP and data outside (payment info, email) to the VPN are the main things to anonymize with the billig VPN @ Sverige.

What is a Dual VPN?

Double VPN (we can also talk about VPN à double jump – Cascade VPN – MultiHop) is a technique that consists of doubling (see more) the number of servers (and therefore encryption) between you and your activities. There is in a way double anonymization and double encryption.

The VPN server chain looks like this

Your computer; VPN Server 1> VPN Server 2> Internet

You can also opt for a VPN that offers the MultiHOP VPN so more than 2 servers.

The advantage of DoubleVPN is to counter a listening attacker. These are people looking to track your FA.I IP while you are connected or looking to exploit your login server. It is mainly the search for your FA.I IP that is coveted. With a Double VPN you have an additional protection because it is difficult to exploit one server but 2 or 3!

The major inconvenience is the loss of speed. The more servers you put in the less you êtres traçables live but you increase your speed loss with Surfshark review.

What are the top 5 dual VPN providers?


NordVPN is our recommended VPN provider;. This is justified by the presence of this DoubleVPN option. For us the DoubleVPN is a tool that prevents the tracking of your IP FA.I. The DoubleVPN is therefore one of many anonymization tools. Using it alone without having first purchased Surfshark in Ukraine is useless.


NordVPN is located in Panama, a country with no data retention policy. NordVPN is therefore NO LOG. This privacy policy will ensure that even when operating the servers where you pass there will be nothing because the Logs are erased (NordVPN has conducted an internal audit on its policy of not keeping an activity log).

NordVPN offers 7 pre-configured DoubleVPNs:

  1. Canada – United States
  2. France – United Kingdom
  3. Netherlands – United Kingdom
  4. Sweden – Netherlands
  5. Switzerland – Sweden
  6. United Kingdom – Netherlands
  7. United States – Canada